bha! bha! persian bistro

865 Fifth Avenue South
Naples, Florida 34102

239.594.5557 (phone)
Miguel Martinez (contact)

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Join us at bha! bha! Persian Bistro, whether you are a lover of Persian cuisine, or just a lover of flavor and lush atmospheres. Let us provide you an incredible dining experience in our brand new location on Fifth Avenue in Naples, Florida. For fifteen years, bha!bha! Persian Bistro has been a local favorite for its delicious dishes, and heart-felt, genuine hospitality. Bha! Bha!

Experience Persian cuisine now on 5th Avenue!

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Timeless Charm. Downtown Chic.

Fifth Avenue South is an irresistible mix of glamour and laid-back ease. Historic and modern architecture blend together in eclectic sophistication; tropical blooms and lush greenery grace its pedestrian-friendly promenades; and each storefront is filled with wonderful finds and delights.