Don’t miss your chance to see Mary Poppins fly at The Naples Players! Click the video above to watch our behind the scenes look at this amazing process taking place right here in Naples! 

For one month only, you can catch the magic of this iconic show in Downtown Naples! It’s not every nanny who can fly with an umbrella and explore magical worlds filled with surprises and songs that capture our soaring imagination. Be sure to get your tickets before they’re gone!

To buy tickets, click the button below or call the box office at 239 263 7990 today! Be sure to continue reading about one of our backstage volunteers for Mary Poppins, Jeannine Hedberg…

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Volunteer Feature

Theater Operations – By: Lauren Speirs
Not all of our volunteers appear on stage – some are building sets, sewing costumes, organizing props, or even ushering you to your seats! One such volunteer is Jeannine Hedberg, who will be working the lights, specifically spotlights, for The Naples Players (TNP) production of Mary Poppins.

After vacationing in Naples for twenty years, Jeannine finally moved here sixteen years ago from Michigan.  She works full time in property management but in her spare time, she volunteers to work the spotlights! “Doing the spotlights is just a fun break from the day.  My days get really involved at work.  What I love with doing spots (or the light board) is the details – you’re watching something and you get a cue.  I won’t say it’s meditative but it’s really focused and I enjoy that.”

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