The purpose of this e-mail is to inform you about the City of Naples Tree Planting Program in your neighborhood.

The City has finalized the 2022 tree planting plan that will commence during the upcoming months throughout the City. A complete list of locations is available on the City of Naples website. Click HERE to view the list.

Typically, the City’s street trees are planted in front of each side-yard property line (between each property and within the right-of-way). The planting process will include locating underground utilities at or near the planting site and selecting a specific planting location along the right-of-way that is not in conflict with underground utilities, driveway aprons, private landscaping on private property, and other landscaping within the right-of-way. The planting effort should result in minimal disruption or impact to the neighborhood or individual residences. 

While the trees will be irrigated periodically by the installing contractor, as required in the contract, you may wish to volunteer your time and water supply to aid in the irrigation of the newly planted trees. The City encourages the installation of an irrigation bubbler from your private irrigation system or directing your pop-up irrigation heads toward the tree, should you have interest in assisting with the irrigation effort.

The Urban Forest Tree Plan is widely supported by City residents and is an element of the City’s Vision Plan. A major goal of the Vision Plan is to preserve the City’s distinctive character and culture and make Naples the green jewel of southwest Florida. During the past 25 years, the City has been annually recognized as a Tree City USA recipient. We are pleased to care for over 21,000 trees in City parks and within the public right-of-way. Many believe the abundance of trees and other landscaping contribute to that special “Naples Brand” unique to our community.

If you should have questions or concerns, please contact me at (239) 213-7136 or