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We know that you love 5th Avenue South as much as we do! It has served as the heart and soul of Naples for over 100 years.

5th Avenue South is a world-class destination plagued by only one issue: inadequate parking. Business owners are frustrated because patrons who can’t find parking leave — and residents get annoyed with the congestion created by those searching for spots.   

Did you know the 1994 Master Plan for 5th Avenue South created by world-renowned urban designer Andres Duany actually included a parking garage at 4th and 4th? Mr. Duany reaffirmed this need in 2004 and again in April of this year.

It’s time to add a parking garage to 4th and 4th, but we need YOUR help!

The Naples City Council is set to vote on this issue very soon. We need to let them know that a majority of us recognize this need and support the addition of a parking structure at 4th and 4th.

You can help by:

  1. Signing the petition 
  2. Asking your friends to sign. 
  3. Sharing the petition link on social media 

Every signature sends an email to council members letting them know another person supports the parking garage project. Our goal is to gather 2,000 signatures. But we can’t do it without YOU!

If you have any questions or concerns about signing or the parking garage at 4th and 4th, feel free to call us at (239) 692-8436 . There is a lot of miscommunication circulating and we are more than happy to schedule time to talk!


  1. A garage at 4th and 4th has been planned since 1994.
  2. 4th and 4th has been a parking lot since 1993 at the latest.
  3. 4th and 4th has not been in residential use since the late 1980’s.
  4. 5th Avenue is the place frequented by most area residents and visitors. It must be protected and nurtured; adequate parking is a critical aspect of this mission.
  5. The 1994 Master Plan for 5th Avenue South created by world-renowned urban designer Andres Duany included a parking garage at 4th and 4th.  Mr. Duany reaffirmed this need in 2004 and again in April of this year.
  6. Current parking congestion creates inconvenience for residents and visitors, potentially discouraging patronage of the local businesses.
  7. New garage spaces will alleviate overflow parking in the residential neighborhoods near 5th Avenue. 
  8. The residents of Naples want more parking during season and for special events.
  9. The parking garage may be paid for by payment in lieu of parking fees received from property owners.
  10. Traffic from cars circling for parking on the west end of 5th Avenue will be reduced by an easily accessible new garage.
  11. Compared to a surface parking lot, the garage would act as a physical buffer between the commercial street and the residential neighborhood, reducing noise and headlight glare.
  12. A well-designed garage could improve the aesthetics of the corner. Imagine a heavily landscaped vertical garden design, or an attractive residential appearance that fits perfectly into the neighborhood.
  13. If a public parking deck is not built on the site, another structure, most likely incorporating a private parking garage, will be built.
  14. In order for 5th Avenue to remain one of the top downtown destinations in the country adequate parking within convenient walking distances to merchants, restaurants and services is critical.
  15. Every study since 2005 has recognized the need for additional parking on 5th Avenue, especially west of 6th Street.
  16. There are 1484 parking spaces east of 6th Street, 1062 of which are public.
  17. West of 6th Street, there are just 678 spaces, only a paltry 134 of which are public.
  18. Motionloft sensors were installed this year to measure pedestrians on the street. Less than a third of all people found their way to the west three blocks largely because of the lack of public parking.
  19. There are 19 Buildings on 5th Avenue South built before 1970. These buildings were built well before the current hurricane standards. Adequate parking must be available to make redeveloping these lots financially feasible.
  20. Many of the area’s patrons find it uncomfortable to walk from the 8th Street garages to 4th Street and it is impossible for others.

Please show your support by signing the petition